Here’s How Packaging Affects Customers’ Buying Decisions

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When you think about increasing your product’s sales, multiple things come to mind. From your product’s quality and protectability to its utility and price, a mixture of various elements determines the consumers’ interest in your brand.

However, a commodity’s packaging has the power to instantly grab a potential buyer’s attention and build a long-lasting image in their mind.

Product packaging plays a significant role in a brand’s sales promotion and marketing. In fact, various design and product packaging companies today specifically study consumers’ buying behavior to design the perfect packaging materials for their clients.

With its color, labels, wrapper, and quality, product packaging can easily stimulate a person’s decision to purchase something, ultimately establishing a stable consumer base and reducing additional promotional costs.

Package Color
When a potential buyer goes shopping, the first thing they gravitate towards is a particular package’s color. In fact, 62-90% of people assess and evaluate a product’s quality solely based on its package color.

Bold and bright colors like red, orange, and yellow are easily noticeable. Similarly, many products have designated colors associated with them, such as green for eco-friendly products and blue for items with mint components. These traditionally associated colors help customers easily identify the brands of their choice.

Therefore, when a package’s design contains the color associated with the brand’s identity, history, or merely the product’s ingredients, more customers tend to gravitate towards it.

The Power of Labels
Customers want to be aware of what they’re purchasing. Therefore, they usually go on to read the contents of a package once they pick it up. Product labels with undesirable fonts, cluttered layout, and excessive information dissuade the buyer from purchasing it.

On the other hand, a commodity with a package design consisting of crucial information, precautions, and methods of use will positively influence the consumer. Moreover, a precise and clear labeling layout will be more consumer-friendly and accessible to buyers of most educational backgrounds.

The Package Shape
Larger packages are more attractive and appealing to consumers because they depict a product’s strength and value. An innovative packaging shape also impacts consumer response.

Most product packaging companies prefer going for unconventional packaging for various industries to appeal to their target consumer base.

Innovative Designs
Buyers today look for convenience and accessibility everywhere. Therefore, a packaging that offers innovative technology to make an item easy to open, carry, and store is more appealing to the target consumers.

Many customers prefer child-proof product options with a design that reduces the risk of spillage or breakage.

A product at the supermarket with a compelling packaging design has the power to grab a customer’s attention within 3 seconds. In fact, 70% of buyers make new purchase decisions while browsing through products in the market.

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