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What is considered luxury packaging?

“Luxury” and “specialty” packaging refers to the designing, researching, developing, product packaging, displays, and creation of other products for luxury companies. The packaging of a luxury product is an integral aspect of the brand’s image; research indicates that buyers are prepared to pay more for items with attractive and exquisite packaging.

Luxury firms want to ensure their packaging is flawless. Not only does it represent the quality of their goods, but it also provides an excellent chance to market them. If a luxury company can design high-quality luxury packaging that instantly identifies the brand, their customers become walking advertisements when they carry the bag, box or any other item.

7 tips for choosing the right luxury box for your product

1. Use weight proportion
As a general guideline, choose a box that is comparable in weight to the goods: a heavy product is packaged heavily, while a lightweight product is packaged lightly. Placing a lightweight product in heavier-than-expected packaging detracts from the product in a luxurious sense. However, luxury firms usually go beyond the box to deliver an outstanding consumer experience.

2. Choose a color
Select a sturdy box with a luxurious hue and choose rich, resonant tones which complement your brand’s colors. Choose an excellent color scheme which has subtle contrasts. Keep things basic. Too many colors make for a loud art design, but luxury packaging should be discreet in appearance and feel. Often, bold and uncomplicated artwork on a darker backdrop communicates most effectively.

3. Make a mark
Incorporate extra senses into the packing. High-quality rigid boxes may have a range of surface materials and textures without sacrificing their structural integrity. Using various substrates or debossing or embossing on the package adds depth and texture. Embossed plastics, silk, wood paneling, stone sheets, velvet and more can be customized. Adding unique finishes to your boxes entices buyers to pick them up and examine them.

4. Select the right coat
The correct box covering also affects consumer perception. Your brand should not be overshadowed by a coating; a simple appearance tells it all. Put your logo on a solid color background and coat it. Glazed logos and design elements pop. A soft-touch coating, or soft-touch “lam”, imparts a velvety feel to a rigid box, adding a tactile aspect. This luxurious coating protects against scuffs, wetness and wear. Another option is a spot gloss UV treatment.

5. Examine the interior
Bear in mind that stiff boxes double as display items. When a buyer opens the packaging for a premium item, they anticipate the contents fitting precisely into the box’s custom-designed compartments. Consider the visual impact on your consumers when they open the lid. Cushioned textured inserts or materials that complement the product within, such as glass, leather or wood, enhance the luxurious sense of your box. Subtly promote your business with custom-printed inserts.

6. Ensure it opens easily
A stunning design rapidly loses its shine if the box is difficult to open. Businesses must strike a balance between attractive design, safe packaging and simplicity of opening. Select packaging that creates a pleasant experience from beginning to end. Customers should be delighted from the minute they pick up your package until it is completely unwrapped.

7. Partner with a packer
Luxury brands need luxury packaging firms for their expertise, straightforward solutions and stunning package designs. Consider a premium packaging company’s portfolio; a quick look at their previous work will tell you whether they can create the package you want. Relevant market experience is a bonus – it increases the likelihood that the firm can turn your ideas into a magnificent design to meet your market’s needs.

Making your wine packaging stand out

Consider cardboard

As environmental consciousness grows, the urge for ecologically responsible packaging for wine bottles and wine gifts increases. With our cardboard-based ecological wine packaging, you can package your wine with a clear conscience. Our carton wine boxes are ecologically sustainable, sturdy and attractive. Of course, these wine boxes may be customized and polished according to your specifications.

Packaging with gift boxes

Packaging a wine bottle is sometimes challenging. Packaging, particularly with wrapping paper, involves a great deal of skill and patience. Typically, the nicely packed wine bottle is quickly admired and then ripped open, and the lovely wrapping paper is discarded. Wine packaging constructed of cartons is a more eco-friendly and resource-efficient option. They are attractive and of good quality (and can be reused indefinitely).

Use a unique design and finish

There are several design and finishing choices available to enhance the look of your wine package. Essentially, it is critical to ensure that the packaging is appropriate for the content, price range and target demographic. A noble, austere design is more appropriate for a hefty, high-priced red wine, while bright and cheerful packaging is appropriate for a light summer wine.

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