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We are glass packaging suppliers for the liquor, beverage, and food industries. We achieve comprehensive solutions focused on efficiency, quality, sustainability, and excellent service.


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We offer an extensive catalog of glass bottles with various sizes, shapes, finishes, colors, and styles.


We have a team of engineers and designers with expertise in packaging solutions, ready to create solutions that suit the specific needs of your product.

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We combine over 65 years of experience with a 360-degree methodology developed to provide efficient and consistent complete packaging solutions.

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Brandy Domecq
"Working with them has been a very positive experience. Their response has been quick and timely, which allowed for a smooth project development. We achieved packaging with a unique presentation. If we had to describe BPS Glass in one word, it would be: quality."
Ron Calero
"We are very grateful to the professional team at BPS Glass. Always kind and willing, they have provided us with creative options and anticipation of unforeseen circumstances in the development of Ron Calero."
Ron Diplomático
"The ongoing collaboration and guidance from BPS Glass for over 10 years have been pivotal for our significant growth. Their responsiveness and reliability have helped us take Ron Diplomático to more than 70 countries, with them being our primary suppliers."
Ron Don Isidro
"The standout quality of BPS Glass that we can highlight is their proactiveness. With expertise and determination, they made the best decisions to bring our project to fruition. Having a partner who masters technical, logistical, and design aspects 24/7 adds value to the process."


We offer glass bottles for liquors in flint, amber, and green colors.
Glass bottles

Color in glass bottles for liquor

Colors in glass bottles for liquor are strategic, affecting aesthetics and content protection. The selection influences consumer perception, preservation, and product quality. Next, we explore

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We offer solutions for customizing bottles for spirits with hot stamping, sandblasting, and engraving in low and high relief on glass bottles.
Glass bottles

Customizing bottles for spirits

BPS Glass, specialist in customizing glass bottles for spirits, provides a complete experience and high-end decorative solutions to create personalized and distinctive bottles. In this

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We work with companies from all over the world, combining decades of experience, new technologies, and best practices in the glass industry.

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