Custom Packaging

Should You go For It?

Age-old wisdom tells us that first impressions are the most lasting ones. It usually takes a person 15 seconds to form an opinion about someone they’ve recently met. When it comes to products, this time is reduced to as little as three seconds.

Now, keeping this in mind, will you deliver your product in a dull cardboard box or a specially designed custom package that’ll promote your brand’s uniqueness? To make an impression that lasts, it’s essential to focus on the packaging.

What is Custom Packaging?
As the name suggests, custom packaging is specially designed and tailored to the product and company. These packages are made from scratch to fit the product perfectly instead of just selecting a readymade box available in the market. This packaging goes through several steps such as design and testing, to ensure it works perfectly and gives your product a voice. Although it may take tons of effort, time, and money compared to generic packaging, its result in terms of brand awareness cannot be compared.

You can customize your packaging by adding logos on the boxes, picking a specific pattern, textile design, pictures, or anything that speaks and tells your brand story.

Why Choose Custom Packaging?

Builds Brand Awareness
Brand recognition is an integral part of a marketing strategy. It helps acquire customers and creates a position for the company in the marketplace. Reputable brands like Apple spends a huge amount to ensure the brand is top-of-mind with their audience.

Once consumers get familiar and comfortable with your brand and products, they will most likely choose you over a competitor. Custom packaging differentiates your brand from competitors and ensures increased brand awareness and recognition. This, in turn, expands your target audience while building brand affinity and cultivating leads.

Increases Target Audience
Social media marketing is the most critical aspect of a digital marketing strategy. Studies show, 23 % of online consumers tend to get influenced by recommendations they see online. This form of marketing helps you connect with your target audience, boost leads, and sales. Nowadays, influencers tend to share product reviews on various social platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

With a beautifully designed customized packaging, you’ll increase the chances of them sharing your product and make an excellent first impression on their viewers and followers.

Keeps Your Products Safe
Lastly, no matter how great your product might be, all your effort and reputation will be at stake if a consumer receives a damaged item. Getting a custom package made will ensure that the correct size box is used to protect your product and reduce extra waste of bubble wrap or brown paper.

Pick up your brand colors, a memorable tagline, and your logo to show your customers you care. They’ll be excited to receive and share your products with others. If you’re looking for a reputable company with top-notch product branding packaging and labeling services, get in touch with us. We’re known for our sustainable and luxury packaging boxes and also offer crystal bottles for spirits.

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