3 Creative Packaging Design Ideas

Attractive packaging is bound to give your product that extra oomph it needs to end up in your customer’s cart. Living in the digital age has made it very challenging to come up with unique ideas for packaging, and that’s why you must come up with ingenious solutions to give each product its own language.

The Importance of Packaging

Packaging happens to set the first impression for a product. It should be captivating enough to grab the customers’ attention, encouraging them to buy the product. When shopping in-person, the touch and feel of the packaging also influence the customer’s willingness to buy it there and then. And if the product is being sold online, a crisp product description written clearly with an image description is bound to have your sales skyrocketing.

Did you know studies have proven that around 63% of people have purchased a product again due to its aesthetic packaging? So why not make the most of it? Here are some creative packaging design ideas for you to try out for your next product line.

3 Creative Packaging Ideas

1.     A Box doesn’t have to be Boring

If your product requires additional accessories, then it’s probably best to package it in a box. Take all the contents of the product along with the product and create a box that complements the theme of the product.

For instance, if you’re selling contact lenses, then try fitting its essentials in the same packaging. Take a small box and put in the contact lenses, along with the comfort drops, case, and the solution in the same packaging.

Make sure every element is wrapped beautifully, so it adds to the product’s identity and purpose. Add a cute little note to your customer to make them feel special; trust us, they’ll love it!

2.     Packaging Bottles

You can get very creative when it comes to designing product packaging for bottles.

Bottles are great for displaying relevant information for consumers to read before they can seal the deal. You can create your product’s own identity by giving the bottle a unique shape. For centuries, Coca Cola has been using the same contour design that enables customers to identify it quickly. With a shape so unique, there might be no need to give it a label.

3. In a Bag

If you’re going for a bag, then opt for green and sustainable packaging options.

Nowadays, sustainable packaging is in high demand. A great example of this kind of packaging is puma’s clever bag which turns into a shoe bag and a tote. Brown bags are also appreciated among customers that want to invest in environmentally-conscious brands.

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