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You can tell a lot about someone based on what they’re wearing, such as their style, confidence, personality, and so much more. Color plays a significant role in self-expression, and this applies to your brand as well.

Staying on top of color trends will help you stay relevant while also enabling you to influence consumer-buying behavior. While picking a color theme or shade for packaging, there are several things to in mind:

Think from a Buyer’s Perspective
The human brain reacts differently to each color; this is a crucial point to keep in mind when choosing a color for your packaging. You should focus on creating a connection between your consumers and the color chosen. Study your target market well; understand the demographics and consumer needs. For example, white-colored packaging represents safety and purity and is usually used for electronic devices and gadgets like Apple products. If you’re targeting the youth, we’d suggest going for a bright and energetic color like red such as it helps grab attention and even gets the metabolism going!

Analyze Your Product
Colors can speak volumes; this is why you need to ensure that the color you choose represents your product well. For example, if you’re dealing with baby products choosing light and soft colors will signify quality and comfort, which are two top factors parents look for. A black bottled baby lotion will have consumers rethink their buying decision and choose a competitor product with a light pink color instead.

Keep Your Competitors in mind
Numerous products in the market are vying for your target audience’s attention. You need to ensure that your products don’t just blend in with the crowd but stand out and look different from your competitors. However, this can get tricky as you need to keep the above two factors in mind. If a perfume competitor chooses purple as their color, something opposite, like beige or yellow, might not be suitable. You need to balance the product and competitor value while choosing your color. For example, Pepsi and Coca-Cola, two similar leading soda companies, chose strikingly contrasting colors, blue and red. However, it should be noted that these colors represent energy and youthfulness, both of which fall in line with the product goals and objectives.

Your product branding packaging color has the power to sway consumer purchase habits. It also induces emotions and opinions about the product before even trying it. If you’re looking for a reputable company with top-notch product packaging services, get in touch with us. We’re masters of the branding color wheel and can help you choose a color that’ll directly influence your sales. We’re known for our luxury and sustainable packaging. We also offer crystal bottles for spirits.

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