Harmony Between Tradition and Innovation in Rum Bottle Design

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Rum is a distilled spirit that stands apart from others, primarily due to characteristics such as its aging process, regional variety, and the ingredients used.

From ancient distillates to modern industry’s fresh interpretations, bottles crafted to hold rum have evolved from simple functional vessels into canvases that capture the very essence and identity of the beverage. The most successful brands have adeptly maintained the representation of their rum’s origin and pride in their bottle designs, always seeking innovative presentation methods without compromising what sets them apart from the rest.

At BPS Glass, we’ve seamlessly merged tradition and innovation in packaging solutions for various rum brands. In each solution we create, we preserve the product’s essence while infusing innovation through design, achieving unique outcomes for every product.

Now, how do we make a rum convey its essence through its bottle? In this article, we’ll mention some examples of how we manage to retain elements that evoke the tradition and origin of the distillate.

Distinctive Design

We recognize that every rum possesses a unique story and heritage that distinguishes it. We collaborate closely with distilleries to capture these elements and visually translate them into bottle designs. From material selection to shape details and engravings, each aspect presents an opportunity to reflect the rum’s history and values.

A case study is the Ron Abuelo Two Oaks bottle, whose inspiration stemmed from the extra-charred oak barrels used for its aging. We achieved a flint bottle coated with a cool gray paint, creating a “smoky” visual effect that enhances its distinctive personality and flavor due to being aged in “extra-charred” barrels.

The bottle is not just a visual presentation but also a tactile experience. The careful selection of weight, texture, and ergonomics of the bottle influence how consumers interact with it. Whenever someone holds the bottle, they should feel connected to the essence of the rum. At this juncture, we can discuss the bottle we created for Ron Isidro, which features a variety of engravings. Among these, the technique used to emphasize the distillery’s name “BORDAS” stands out, paying tribute to its founder, Don Isidro Bordas. Additionally, the neck’s shape evokes the distinct bourbon nuance that this distillate acquires as it matures in bourbon barrels.

Decorations on Glass Bottles

Decorative details and typographic elements are strategically chosen to evoke the feelings and emotions the rum aims to convey. Techniques like frosting, sandblasting, and decals contribute to the packaging design.

The prime examples to showcase decorations are special edition bottles, offering a luxury and exclusive experience. These bottles also become collectibles and can become valuable pieces. A notable example of exquisite decoration is the bottle we developed for Ron Matusalem. A glass bottle exhibiting meticulously textured round shapes that play with lights and shadows of its content, adorned with engravings and brilliant gold paint. Additionally, the bottle retains the brand’s most distinctive symbol, the swallow, created using sandblasting technique on the bottle’s base. Undoubtedly, the Matusalem Sublime bottle was conceived to commemorate the distillery’s 150 years and reflects the exceptional quality characterizing this renowned rum.

Harmony Between Tradition, Innovation, and Design

The story and values of the rum are communicated through subtle details placed on the bottle. Each element contributes to the complete narrative surrounding the rum. Making a rum project its essence through its bottle is achieved by thoughtfully merging design, authenticity, and a deep understanding of the brand. Each bottle becomes a window to the history, flavor, and legacy of the rum, enticing consumers to explore and savor a unique experience with every sip.

Each brand weaves its own narrative throughout the years and generations. At BPS Glass, we comprehend the significance of preserving this narrative through innovation and design. Whether launching a new product or celebrating an anniversary, our customized glass and crystal bottle services can help you create a unique and memorable experience for your customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your product to the next level.