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BPS Glass, specialist in customizing glass bottles for spirits, provides a complete experience and high-end decorative solutions to create personalized and distinctive bottles.

In this article, we will explore the innovative qualities conferred by hot stamping, embossing, and sandblasting on glass bottles.

Glass bottles with Engraving

Engraving, whether in embossing or debossing, is a great technique for customizing bottles for spirits, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch.

The engraving is usually applied on the body, bottom, or shoulders of the bottle, offering a perception of high quality.

It enhances brand identity and provides a competitive advantage by highlighting iconic elements like history, logo, slogan, and country of origin, as implemented by clients like Legends Distillery, and Ron Siboney.

Glass bottles with hot stamping

Hot stamping is a process that uses metallic foil to transfer designs onto glass, ensuring high-quality finish and exceptional durability.

This method ensures high-quality finish and exceptional durability, keeping your packaging attractive even after prolonged use.

It offers a beautiful appearance and exceptional shine in bottle customization, and does not contain heavy metals.

Glass bottles with sandblasting

Sandblasting is a precise engraving technique on glass bottles, achieved with sandblasting and photosensitive film, reproducing high-resolution images with exceptional quality.

It incorporates patterns, logos, or decorations in specific bottle sections, creating a sophisticated finish that enhances aesthetics with detail.

The advantages of sandblasting include a marked frosted appearance, rough texture, guaranteed authenticity, and lasting qualitative results. An example of this technique is with our client Matusalem Sublime, who numbered their glass bottles using the sandblasting process.

In conclusion

We explore innovative techniques like hot stamping, embossing, and sandblasting to create customizing glass bottles, crucial for beverage brands.

Hot stamping offers shine and elegance, sandblasting precision, and embossing in low or high relief a sophisticated distinction.

Customization in glass bottles not only enhances aesthetics but also differentiates and leaves lasting impressions on consumers. Visit for more information.