BPS Glass Beverage Packaging Solutions: Tips and Benefits

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Helpful Tips for Designing and Packaging Your Beverage

Recognize your intended consumer base

To design the most successful beverage packaging, you must first identify your target consumer base. Defining this target audience and designing packaging which appeals to your preferences is vital.

Make it visible

Packaging for beverages should pique a customer’s interest, prompting them to pause and interact with the product. Simple-to-read, visually appealing designs work wonders. Make certain you experiment with various color combinations for your packaging’s background and text.

Clean labeling

As consumer demands for openness increase, the clean label trend in beverage packaging has exploded. Clean labels identify the components in a beverage and their countries of origin. They aim to empower customers to make educated purchasing decisions, and often favor natural components over synthetic ones.

Health benefits

If your beverage gives customers health advantages (for example, an increase in Vitamin C or calcium) this is a big selling factor which should be immediately evident on your package. The public is interested in learning about any vitamins and/or minerals included in your beverage. Additionally, you must verify your labeling properly specifies any allergies present in your beverage.

Instagram friendly

Packaging that’s social media-friendly can help your beverage go viral. If you invest in a visually appealing design, your consumers will share your product images, creating organic buzz about your beverage.

Contrast yourself to your competitors

Market research is crucial when it comes to beverage packaging. Analyze what your rivals are doing – and how their product selections work with customers. You may even want to organize a focus group to ascertain your product’s potential with prospective clients.

The bottle itself

A critical part of beverage packaging is the actual bottle. A unique color on the glass or plastic can completely transform the feel of your drink. Do you prefer a bright see-through container, or a mysterious dark container? Don’t forget the value of the bottle that contains your beverage.


Consider your customer’s experience when they pass your beverage in a store (or when they handle it). A product should be tall enough to be seen, and a distinctive form can be an excellent creative beverage marketing method for helping consumers recognize your product from competitors.

Branding for the season

Today’s sophisticated computerized, variable printing technology offers short, flexible print runs without sacrificing efficiency. Alternate your designs according to the seasons: leverage significant anniversaries such as New Year’s or Valentine’s Day. Consider the possibility of experimenting with customized packaging.


As customers increasingly welcome businesses committed to environmentally friendly methods, sustainability has emerged as one of the hottest beverage trends for producers.

4 Key Benefits of Packaging Beverages with Glass Bottles

Brilliance and Freshness of Flavor

There is no need to be concerned about items losing taste when they’re placed in a glass container for food and beverage packaging. Because glass is an impermeable substance which keeps air and other liquids out, glass bottles never impair the taste nor freshness of the product. Additionally, unlike plastics, external conditions such as heat don’t affect the substance or form of the glass, while polymers can melt and degrade the product’s quality. As a result, glass packaging ensures that food and beverage goods stay incredibly fresh. Additionally, glass bottles maintain the packaging’s interior temperature, preventing items from spoiling.

Safety of Products

Glass is one of the most hygienic materials to utilize for consumable items. It is non-toxic and doesn’t need any additional lining material. The FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) demonstrates that glass is an excellent option for food and beverage producers. Glass is the only extensively used food packaging material to get this designation.

Aesthetic Appeal

Glass has long been regarded to be of the highest quality aesthetics. A glass bottle has a long shelf life and its color never fades. BPS Glass bottles are clear, allowing your product to shine through. Utilizing a variety of glass hues allows you to incorporate your brand’s colors and/or overall identity into the design.


Glass bottles are constructed entirely of natural, sustainable raw resources which are completely recyclable. Utilizing glass contributes to waste reduction, which is an excellent advantage for any product packaging since recycling has become a more prominent issue (and activity) for many customers.

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