Our main goal has always been to increase our customers’ bottom line by providing excellent product branding and packaging solutions. We pride ourselves on making packaging easy for our customers and in being a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs.

We specialize in personalized packaging solutions, and offer a wide range of products, in glass bottles, caps, corks, labels, capsules, cases, necklaces, medals, corrugated boxes, folding boxes, and even advertising material.

We are at the forefront of the latest advances in packaging technology and design. Combined with our vast experience in the industry, this creates a synergy with technical areas of packaging. This innovation gets the attention of the final consumer. Ultimately, this will translate into sales increases and strengthen your brand position.

We believe in responsible growth and, for this reason, we avoid using harmful elements during the manufacturing process. Additionally, we offer sustainable packaging solutions such as recycled glass, while upholding the highest standards of safety and quality.


Today’s global market is characterized by efficient and effective solutions to customers’ needs, at every point in the supply chain, BPS Glass has reached a global scale of productivity and is focused on long-term growth that ultimately benefits our customers. That’s why we work hard to provide all our customers with a properly designed supply chain strategy so they can achieve their commercial goals.

We effectively manage the entire supply chain by offering you options that meet your individual needs, from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics processes. BPS Glass, along with its commercial partners, is committed to offering products and services with the highest quality, as well as the best prices in the market.

All our services are focused on providing excellent customer service. We guarantee a safe and reliable business model where we source all the necessary materials for the manufacturing of your product, guaranteeing operational excellence and on-time delivery every time.

We will work with you and plan the consumption rate in order to make sure you always have the necessary materials for production. With suppliers located in strategic worldwide areas, BPS helps you evaluate and facilitate the most efficient international logistics practices. We can provide complete freight solutions that fit our clients’ needs. We work very closely to:

  • Establish operating procedures.
  • Enhance business processes.
  • Best-in-class customer service.
  • Optimize costs.
  • Deliver value-adding services.

Our logistics service includes a combination of shipments, customs clearance, storage and warehousing, inventory control, and distribution facilities.

The entire shipment flow is designed to fit with the essential logistics components needed to enable successful international commerce.

Due to high-volume contracts with our freight forwarders, we’re often able to offer our customers better terms on the detention free time. We also keep in mind Free Trade Agreements (if applicable), and any other legal considerations to ensure your products meet local and international regulations.


At BPS Glass, the priority is to assist our clients at each stage to achieve the appropriate product packaging for their needs. In this way, we seek to satisfy all your requirements and expectations.

We are focused on making each stage a satisfactory experience for the development of your projects, guided by the best professionals and experts in the area. Our priority is for each client to achieve success with their endeavors and to achieve this, we partner with them through each of our specialized departments: Quality, Design, Packaging, Logistics, Personalized Service, Post Sales, among others

We see our clients’ success as our own. That is why we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients have all the necessary tools to guarantee the long-term success of their brand.

Our team of highly trained specialist is available 24/7 and gladly assist clients and offer knowledge in all our areas of expertise. We’re committed to finding the best solution according to our customers’ needs.


We are inspired by fellow entrepreneurs and love to hear stories that can help us visualize and create your dream product.

We understand the importance of product design, as it has the power to communicate the story of your history and identity as a brand. We have hundreds of years of accumulated experience in graphic and industrial design knowledge, all of which we use to design, develop, and grow your brand.


All our glass bottle products and complementary items are subject to rigorous testing and evaluation by our highly trained team of technical experts.

We follow our strict standard guidelines with technical experts and advanced machinery before, during, and after production to guarantee high-quality products and satisfied customers.


Your growth as a brand is our priority. We understand how important it is to get to market quickly. That’s why we don’t let financial difficulties prevent you from getting to market fast. We offer financing at 0% interest in exchange for your packaging business.


  1. a) 0% interest financing
  2. b) Zero commissions or hidden costs
  3. c) Minimize risks
  4. d) Improve your cash flow

Additionally, BPS Glass offers warehouse storage, along with product packaging services, without any cost in order to maintain a security buffer of the packaging items you need. This way, you can put all your efforts into sales and commercialization of the product, instead of being worried about inventory.


We care about being at the forefront of the latest market developments regarding technology, design innovation, and bottle packaging solutions. With over 60 years of experience, we have the ability to help you create your brand from scratch, make changes in the image of a product, or even revitalize an old brand. We will implement ideas to make the final product stand out, with the best quality and at a fair price.


The sales team at BPS Glass has specialized in studying customer needs, and has established effective processes that allow us to design products that meet the needs and aspirations of the end-user.

Once the sales team has given confirmation of needs and requirements, our logistics team takes charge of managing and planning production to meet the agreed times and to be able to achieve just-in-time with deliveries. Careful attention and follow-ups when receiving products and reviewing the needs and agreements of each country help prevent potential problems.

Dispatches are carried out complying with inventory management methods according to customer needs.

We have a sales and logistics team manage the needs of production and transportation while complying with the just-in-time method.

Our goal is to meet delivery times in order to maintain a long-term relationship with customers, because it is not only about receiving orders in perfect condition, but also about the importance of creating links that will last in the future.