Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Products Packaging

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What is product packaging?

Product packaging design refers to the construction of a product’s exterior; This involves the options on material and shape and designs, colours, and fonts used on wrapping, a box, a can, a bottle, or any other type of container.

Packaging, like any good design, conveys a message. It also gives a sensual experience, affecting us directly through sight, touch, and sound (depending on the product/package, possibly scent and taste). These factors help us understand what the product is for, how the product will be used, who will use it, and, maybe most importantly, whether or not we should purchase it.

Questions Regarding Product Packaging That You Should Answer First

What kind of products do you sell?
What materials is it made of?
This question will help you identify whether there are any strategic requirements for the product packaging. A delicate product, for example, will demand more secure packaging. Follow-up questions are, “How big is it? And Is it delicate?”; something large or with unique dimensions, on the other hand, may need a custom packaging solution rather than an off-the-shelf box.

Who will be the target of the product?
Is the product intended for men, women, or both?
Is it meant for children or adults? Is it designed for environmentally conscious individuals?
Is it for those people who are on a tight budget or with lots of cash?
The packaging of a product should connect to its ideal consumer; knowing who that consumer is before starting the design process is essential. For example, larger text may be necessary on products that are for adults. Items made for affluent customers, on the other hand, should use materials that express a sense of luxury.

How will the consumers buy the product?
Are they buying it at a supermarket? A small shop? Online?
If the product will be sold online and shipped, you must think of how the packaging will stand out rather than be sold on a big-box store shelf. Products you will be selling online should not have much extra space that might cause the items to mess around or the package to bend. And those items that will be sold on a boutique shelf must grab a buyer’s attention while surrounded by cutesy items in cutesy boxes.

Brand requirements

In some cases, a product is stand-alone, while in others, it represents an established brand. Before you start, Make sure you have collected the following information if you want your packaging to represent a specific brand look.

– Colors – You will need CMYK values or Pantone Matching Values (PMS) colours specifically for printing.

– Fonts – Make sure you’ve got the right fonts and any special instructions (like kerning or weight) before you start.

– Logo – Make sure you have a vector file if you want to put a logo on the package.

– Imagery – If you want to include photos on your packaging, make sure you have already prepared those before the designing process.

– Required marks – A barcode, nutrition information, association marks, and other features may be needed depending on your product or industry.

Budget for The Design of the Product Packaging

Packaging design budgets break down into two categories:

One-time costs
Per-item costs
One-time costs involve the cost for the original design work, purchasing a stamp (if you’re going the DIY route), print plate setup (for large, offset print runs.) You usually have to pay for these once (unless you change your design).

Materials and labour are usually included in per-item costs. Each box, as well as the tissue paper you use to stuff it and the tape you use to seal it, will also cost a certain amount. And don’t forget that you’ll have to pay someone or do it yourself to get your product into the box.

Before you begin the design process, you should have a rough idea of how much you want to spend. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better; spending a little more on your materials can help you stand out from the others and improve your presentation (and thus your selling price).

After knowing this, you should already know the things you need for the design of your product packaging. Here at BPS Glass, We will supply all your packaging necessities for your product. From glass and crystal to corks and labels. Everything that you need can be found here.