Product Packaging: All the Things People Get Wrong

You may have a better product than your competitor, but if your brand’s message isn’t delivered successfully to your customers, you may lose out on sales. A product’s packaging is a vital communication source between a brand and its customers.

According to research, a positive correlation exists between a product’s packaging and a consumer’s buying behavior. Thus, a product’s packaging is a core driving force for its success.

The road to a winning product packaging is not easy. Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes people make when designing a product’s packaging.

Mistake # 1: Wastage

Many people unnecessarily design huge packaging for their products. Research shows that 92% of people are more likely to trust your company if it’s environmentally friendly. So, choose suitably sized, sustainable packaging.

Mistake # 2: False representation

Some people design attractive packaging to catch their customers’ attention. The gimmick packaging differs from the actual product. This marketing practice misleads customers.

You could be sued too for misrepresenting the product too. Therefore, it’s better to go for authentic and honest packaging that doesn’t overpromise your customers.

Mistake # 3: Wrong spelling

Packaging spelling mistakes are common. Even big brands have erred in the past. Wrong labels and spellings on your packaging could result in sales loss.

Customers won’t spend on a brand that couldn’t correctly spell their product. Be extremely cautious while designing your product’s packaging as it can make or break your brand image!

Mistake # 4: Too ‘hard’ to open

Humans like things easy, and that means hard-to-open packaging design can ruin their mood. It’s called ‘wrap-rage.’

Make it simple for your customers to access your product. Test your product’s packaging before it goes out in the market. If it’s a fragile product, go for consumer-friendly material.

Mistake # 5: Missing USP and product’s differentiation

The goal of product packaging is to catch a buyer’s attention. Many brands design packaging that doesn’t speak about their product’s unique selling point.

They don’t cover how their product differs from their competitors’. Make sure to highlight your logo and brand promise prominently on the packaging, as this can instill confidence in your brand.

Also, take extra care that your packaging doesn’t resemble your competitor’s by conducting thorough market research.

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