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At BPS Glass, we specialize in custom glass bottles. We offer design, manufacturing, and customization using techniques such as frosting, painting, and screen printing.

In this article, we will explore the innovative qualities that frosting, painting, and screen printing bring to glass bottles.

Frosted Glass Bottles

Frosting provides a smooth texture and subtle shine to the bottle, adding elegance and exclusivity to its appearance.

It creates a matte or slightly glossy surface, enhancing aesthetics and reducing certain reflections, ideal for products that require refrigeration.

The frosted surface of Custom Glass Bottles is perfect for applying paints, logos, or illustrations, allowing for the creation of unique and personalized visual effects.

Additionally, frosting can be sectioned to create windows, maintaining the durability and high-quality appearance of the material.

One of our successful cases in frosted bottles is Ron Diplomático, exclusive reserve.

Painted Glass Bottles

Paints offer a wide range of colors, effects, and high-performance surface finishes in glass bottle decoration.

Paint finishes allow decorating glass regardless of the object’s geometry, with options for gloss, matte, satin, translucent, or opaque, as achieved in the Tequila Dos Cuernos and Cherish Whiskey Cream bottles.

Furthermore, they offer a wide selection of colors and effects, including partial applications, gradients, or bicolor.

Painting on custom glass bottles allows for unparalleled personalization, adding vibrant colors and details that reflect the brand identity or the uniqueness of the beverage.

Glass Bottles with Screen Printing

Screen printing transfers complex and detailed designs directly onto the glass bottle, creating sharp images, logos, and readable text.

Its main advantage is the wide range of colors available, adapting to preferences and reflecting unique styles.

It offers versatility in design, allowing brands to stand out with bottles that combine elegance and precision, as was the case with Ron Diplomático Ambassador.

In Conclusion

Custom glass bottles are crucial for beverage brands, adding emotional value and creating memorable experiences. At BPS Glass, we explore innovative techniques such as frosting, painting, and screen printing.

Frosting offers smoothness and distinction, painting vibrant colors and precise details, and screen printing elegance and precision.

Customization in glass bottles not only enhances aesthetics but also differentiates and leaves lasting impressions on consumers. Visit for more information.