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The difference of crystal

Crystal is a solid and transparent material that is used in a wide variety of premium products. Although glass can be confused with other transparent materials such as plastic, it is a different category due to all its characteristics.

Due to its composition and manufacturing process, crystal is more expensive than glass. Crystal is made from a mixture of lead oxide, silica, sodium carbonate, and high-purity limestone, which makes it heavier, more transparent, and of superior quality than common glass. In addition, the manufacturing process of crystal is more complex and requires more time and specialized skills.

Crystal is used in the manufacture of luxury objects and high-end decoration. Its aesthetics are highly valued and associated with sophistication and luxury, which also influences its price.

Characteristics of crystal bottles

One of the most notable characteristics of crystal is its transparency. Unlike glass, crystal is highly transparent.

Another notable property of crystal is its ability to refract light. Due to its unique molecular structure, crystal is able to bend and refract light significantly, which is exploited in the manufacture of special edition bottles to package premium spirits that want to highlight the nuances of their color.

In addition to its unique physical properties, crystal is also valued for its aesthetics. Can be subjected to a wide variety of manufacturing processes, from cutting and polishing to engraving and decoration through various techniques, such as metal inlay, sandblasting, diamond inlay, satin finish, and hand-painting. These processes can create highly ornate and beautiful glass pieces, making them ideal for exclusive editions for launches and anniversaries.

Why crystal?

Brands that use luxurious crystal bottles to market their spirits are usually those that seek to convey an image of refinement and elegance. These bottles are considered true works of art, handmade by expert artisans and designed with high-quality details and materials, such as precious stones, gold, or silver. Usually, these special editions are targeted at a high-income audience seeking luxury and exclusivity experiences. Additionally, these bottles are also collectible items and can become true valuable pieces, some examples are: António Vieira de Sousa 90th Anniversary, Ron Matusalem Sublime 150th Anniversary, Whiskey Dalmore.

Choose crystal, choose exclusivity

The elegance and sobriety of crystal bottles, in addition to their physical and chemical properties, are qualities that make them perfect for projecting glamour and elegance. Brands that seek to convey a high-quality and exclusive image often opt for crystal bottles, as this material is associated with sophistication and luxury.