Why is Brand Packaging Important? - BPS Glass

The packaging of a product conveys many things; It plays a vital role in consumer decisions than you might think, from what the product can do for your customers to your business’ values. Some believe that the packaging is as important as the product itself because it serves as an essential marketing and communication tool for your business. Begin thinking about your brand’s packaging and keep these factors in mind.

Packaging serves as a Brand Extension

Packaging is critical to market entry and acceptance of new product categories. When it comes to product innovations, up to 94 percent of US consumers are influenced by their trust in a brand, according to a market research company. Furthermore, 53% of Chinese buyers are loyal to brands they like, and 35% of Brazilian consumers only buy hair care products from brands they have previously used.

Manufacturers can effectively build brand loyalty and expand the traditional product portfolio with trust in the brand. Having unique packaging with a compelling brand message is indeed a deciding factor when purchasing a product.

Packaging Design in Brand Communication 

The packaging design represents the brand identity and brings the brand to life, starting from its visual appearance and feel of the packaging to its function and sustainability. However, competition between conventional media and social media is currently the main focus of most discussions concerning advertising media for brand communication. As a result, packaging design is often disregarded, even though it is necessary right where the purchase decision is made: at the point of sale.

Some businesses use colours in product packaging; it is also a factor that can influence buyers’ purchase decisions. Colours affect your brain in different ways, so choose your packaging colours carefully. White packaging, for example, implies simplicity, safety, and purity. According to colour experts, the more colour a product’s package has, the less sophisticated the product is. Other colours, such as blue, have lots of meanings. For example, the light blue colour is considered more lively, while a dark navy is more professional. Blue is the most popular colour on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you should always go with it. Before choosing a colour scheme for your product packaging, it’s essential to research your target audience.

Brand Packaging Services

Packaging as a criterion of product quality

For a third of American consumers, high-quality food packaging is a sign of good product quality. Therefore, now is the time for creating unique packaging designs that depend on differentiation on the shelf and support the establishment of brand identity. In addition, it also provides customers with an incentive to buy the product. Proper packaging protects the product while the brand is protected by good packaging.

Packaging Creates Brand Recognition

Consider some of your favourite brands for a moment; they all share one common trait: they are all memorable. Brands like Coke have made slight adjustments to their packaging throughout the years while keeping true to their original image. However, keep in mind that renowned brands should not change anything, as many successful brands that changed their logo, colours, or packaging have experienced a backlash from customers.

Invest in Product Packaging

Don’t underestimate the impact of packaging design on your brand. Because the packaging is the first point of contact between a customer and your product, it is commonly the first experience they will have with your brand.

Through its content and design, packaging expresses the brand in competition. It not only helps to protect the product, but it is also an essential part of a brand’s overall performance. Therefore, branded packaging is an effective and vital marketing tool that can be used as a critical medium and promotes brand loyalty.

You should carefully consider your packaging in addition to the time and money spent on product design. Develop a packaging design that expresses feelings of excitement, joy, delight, or amazement. Your brand awareness and recognition will improve once you’ve created packaging that instantly connects with your customers.