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The importance of an eye-catching spirits bottle

You’ve spent years developing your trade, honed your soul, and marketed your brand to the correct demographic. Perhaps your whiskey has been aged in a cask for 20 years, or your vodka has been distilled many times, or you’ve spent a decade experimenting with different botanical combinations for gin.

After such intense craftsmanship, dedication, and sacrifice, designing the perfect bottle is more than just a fun pastime. It’s a crucial decision that can make a significant difference in terms of influencing customers by transforming your spirits’ packaging from a lowly beverage container into a coveted collector’s item.

5 important factors to consider in designing a bottle

Meeting a deadline

It’s critical to remember that everyone in the supply chain – from the brand to the designer to the bottle maker – will be working on a schedule. Setting a realistic timeframe and seeing your concept come to life on time begins with deciding on the launch date. Decide on a date and adhere to it, whether it corresponds with an event, a season, or a significant shopping period such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. It might be beneficial to consult with the bottle maker to help you make this essential selection.

The process of designing a bottle from scratch can be time-consuming. The first stage in making a mold is to develop a 3D picture of the bottle design, which allows the maker to determine how much glass or crystal will be needed and then calculate the thickness. Once this is completed, the molding can take two to five months to complete – something to keep in mind when hiring a designer.

How heavy is it?

You’ll need to determine how much your product will weigh once it’s ready for delivery; a variety of things can impact this. The decision of whether to utilize crystal or glass is critical, for example. While crystal is heavier and more expensive than glass, it gives an opaque finish and creates rainbow prisms when exposed to bright sunlight.

Similarly, the weight of the container can be influenced by the cork used. Finally, custom packaging or a presentation display might increase the weight (and hence the price).

Putting your bottle together

Choosing the bottle’s fill level is an aspect of bottle design that is sometimes disregarded but needs serious consideration. When it comes to filling, the form of your design (for example, an oval with a short neck) will be a decisive factor, as will the thickness of the material used.

Because alcohol expands when heated, it is critical to account for this if the product is to be marketed to warmer locations.

Space requirements

You want your product to stand out from the crowd – but don’t forget to make sure it fits on the shelf in the first place. The fact that so many bottles are the same height and width implies this is the ideal size for each stage of the process, from production costs to shelf space.

With this in mind, it’s always worth addressing all potential challenges when deciding on the size and form of your bottle, such as transportation; how many bottles will fit into a case; how many cases will fit on a pallet; and how many bottles will fit on a shelf? Also, how many will the shop be able to store?


Many individuals are involved throughout your spirit’s journey from bottling factory to the customer (a trip that might span thousands of miles and many countries), therefore ensuring that your bottle lasts the distance is critical. For instance, how will you safeguard it while it travels? This is mainly dependent on the substance: crystal is softer and more easily scratched than glass, so more care is required. Is there any engraving on the bottle, and if so, how will it appear after a few months? Will it fade or tarnish?

By carefully evaluating the path your valuable spirits will travel and ensuring the container will fit, you can avoid problems and save your firm money – and pride.

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