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Product Packaging Design Defined

Packaging design integrates form, structure, materials, color, images, typography, and regulatory information into a product’s packaging in order to make it marketable. Its major goal is to design a vehicle capable of containing, protecting, transporting, dispensing, storing, identifying and distinguishing a product in the marketplace. Ultimately, packaging design aims to achieve marketing goals by effectively expressing the personality and function of a consumer product and creating a sale.

A typical supermarket has thousands of goods. Product packaging design attracts shoppers at department shops, mass merchandisers, specialized stores, outlets and online; this necessitates market distinctiveness. In a consumer culture, the relationship between items and packaging blurs the distinction between desired things and objects of need. Packaging which evokes desire is successful.

6 Rules of Packaging Design

  1. Become acquainted with your customer

Before creating a design, familiarize yourself with your client profile. Before everything else, keep in mind that the consumer is paramount. They are the final decision maker and will select between your product and your rivals. This will be beneficial when you begin to merge your brand with your customer, but it will also make it simpler to make design selections.

  1. Consider the brand

Whether designing a single product or a collection of products, informing customers about your product’s origin is critical. Packaging design is an excellent approach to communicating a business’s brand.

  1. Test, test and test some more

You’re well aware that your job is never finished as a designer; there are many methods to provide information to customers on the packaging. Create numerous distinct concepts and examine them for yourself. Which choice stands out the most in your opinion and that of your friends? It’s important to obtain other people’s perspectives.

  1. Look at your rivals

While you may have some unique ideas, it’s always good to research the competitions’ too. Determine whether the product will be hung on a hook, displayed on a shelf, or displayed in a checkout line. Visit the stores where your product will be offered and take note of display locations.

Also take notice of the brands exhibited next to your spot, if feasible. Consider their aesthetic, the materials they utilize in their packaging, and the size of the container. Knowing your opponent should not concern you; it should drive you to accomplish what they’re doing, but better.

  1. Maintain order

When creating packaging for numerous goods in the same line, making them seem connected is critical. They may not have to be twins or triplets, but they should be considered “family”. Your packaging should allow for variety while being true to the grouping of these items. If the color scheme is inconsistent, leave the pattern in place.

  1. Use only high-quality printing

This is in no way comparable to printing a document. It makes no difference how beautiful the design is; if the printing is substandard, you will not sell. Once you’ve chosen the most comfortable design, choose a printer with expertise in producing packages. This is not the time to experiment with the printer; if you lack expertise, don’t be afraid to admit it.

This should in fact be considered at the start of the design process to guarantee your efforts result in a fantastic packaging of your product.

Characteristics of the Best Packaging Designers

Every successful packaging designer will have a unique portfolio to present. Bear in mind that even designers with impressive portfolios may not be the best match for your project. Seek someone who has expertise in packaging design, print, or vector graphics creation. When perusing their portfolio, keep an eye out for a diverse range of work. A box designer capable of emulating many work styles might be the best candidate to create your design.

While it’s okay to choose someone who adheres to a certain style, you must keep in mind that they may not produce a unique aesthetic. When you commission bespoke packaging, you want it to represent your company alone and the product you’re attempting to sell.

Characteristics of the Best Packaging Designers

Choose BPS Glass for Your Product Packaging Design

When picking a package designer for your product, it’s critical to choose someone who can perform the best job possible. BPS Glass designers use various styles and have high levels of expertise. Our portfolio ensures that we have the experience and expertise to bring your idea to reality.

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