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Glass Bottles

Find the Perfect Glass Bottle for Sale

We specialize in offering a range of sizes, shapes, and styles when it comes to the glass bottles we have for sale.

You can choose a shape that’s right for you, choosing from dozens of shapes for different liquids, including spirits, wines, beer, and other food and beverage items. Whether you want a sleek, contemporary design, or prefer a classic shape, or want to stand out altogether, there are over 70 shapes to choose from.

You can even select different styles for different products, working closely with our design agency for bottles to retain brand image and identity regardless of shape. High-quality personalized glass bottles are the perfect branding tool for you.

Available in different sizes, including 8 and 16 oz, order wholesale glass bottles, corks, crystals, and other components, alongside packaging and labeling materials for that perfect finish.

Based on your needs, you can choose from a large variety of glass options to fit your project. We offer both heavier-weight bottles for luxury wines and lightweight bottles for environmentally-friendly options.

We use sustainable inks to give you rich tones in a wide range of color options, such as flint, high flint, amber, green. For high-end decoration, the frosting process can be employed to give additional depth to your bottles.

For clients who are looking to launch projects on a smaller scale or test a new market, we offer the flexibility you need. Our batch sizes go as low as 30,000 units, giving you additional control and more room to adapt.

As one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Latin America, we’ve helped many clients achieve their own sustainable sourcing goals when they partner with us. Currently, 50 percent of our energy needs are fulfilled by our own eolic park and we plan to increase this number in the future.

At BPS Glass we care about your brand. Our goal is to ensure the product branding and packaging is consistent with your desired target market.  Tell us more about the story behind your product so we can determine the best glass bottle option for you and turn the idea into reality.

  • Alix (750 ML)

  • Aranda (750 ML)

  • Ariane (750 ML)

  • Arome (750 ML)

  • Athena (750 ML)

  • Atlantica ( 750 ML

  • Attitude (750 ML)

  • Attitute Haute (750 ML)

  • Axel (750 ML)

  • Bamboo (750 ML)

  • Basquaises (750 ML)

  • Bellesima (750 ML)

  • Burdeos Limari (700 ML)

  • Burdeos P16 Eco (750 ML)

  • Burdeos P28 (750 ML)

  • Calvados (750 ML)

  • Caramel (750 ML)

  • Caribe (750 ML)

  • Cartier (750 ML)

  • Ceremony (750 ML)