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The Perfect Bottles for Dips and Sauces

Designed to keep your product safe and secure, out glass bottles are ideal for food items. As we work toward a plastic-free world, invest in glass bottles for products like hot sauce, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Our fine quality glass helps your product last longer on shelves, with no danger of chemical reactions or release. They are also recyclable, offering an additional incentive to customers.

Add a touch of class with a bottle of glass to help your condiments stand out. Whether you produce condiments for consumes or other businesses, these bottles can be customized to your needs. The glass also helps preserve their flavor, without compromising on the quality of safety.

Get in touch with our 24-hour customer service to learn more about our wholesale glass bottles, as well as design services. We’ll help you create the perfect labels and packaging to represent your brand on the market.

At BPS Glass, we have several decades of experience in the food & beverage industry. We can help your product meet international quality standards through our product packaging solutions. From baby food containers, canning jars, bottles for sauces and juices, we have all the solutions needed by small, medium and large companies.

Despite offering tailored solutions to multiple clients, we’re able to effectively manage different production lines and workflows from the artisanal process to the automated side. So you can trust the perfect adaptation and compatibility of our packaging and labeling lines.