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We take sustainability seriously, 60% of the energy used by our plant is renewable and our bottles have a high % of recycled glass.

We have a consolidated structure, responsible for receiving, transferring, treating and preparing recycled glass for its subsequent evaluation and reuse.

About Us

We are a 3rd generation family business with more than 60 years of experience in the packaging industry. We operate as an extension of your team and focus on creating long-lasting and trustworthy relationships.

We have worked as primary and alternative suppliers for hundreds of large and medium-sized companies, creating innovative and high-quality products for the market.

Our Products


Highest quality glass for food and beverage


Luxury Designing and Product Packaging Services


Let Your Branding, Packaging and Labeling Tell Your Story


Corks and caps that fits and with a premium quality


Attract Consumers. Build Loyalty.

Increase Sales

The best way to increase sales is by boosting your image. Ensure your customers are getting excited and inspired. There is no better way to express who you are than to say it through your packaging. the kind of designs and materials that you are going to use to create and manufacture your product is really what is going to help you stand out from the competition.

Build Loyalty

To sell your product its important to promote your product. To encourage rebuy and build loyalty, however, it is crucial to tell a story that your customers can relate to. The kind of glass and materials you use to package your product is going to help you tell that story and help you relate to your customers

Cut Costs

Low costs and high productivity are they key to having a thriving business. Our experienced team of experts can help you avoid roadblocks in your operating business plan. Our goals are to reduce unit costs, reduce transportation costs by offering consignment services, reduce warehousing costs and guarantee optimal quality and maximum returns.