Find the Perfect Glass Bottle for Sale

We specialize in offering a range of sizes, shapes, and styles when it comes to the glass bottles we have for sale.

You can choose a shape that’s right for you, choosing from dozens of shapes for different liquids, including spirits, wines, beer, and other food and beverage items. Whether you want a sleek, contemporary design, or prefer a classic shape, or want to stand out altogether, there are over 70 shapes to choose from.

You can even select different styles for different products, working closely with our design agency for bottles to retain brand image and identity regardless of shape. High-quality personalized glass bottles are the perfect branding tool for you.

Available in different sizes, including 8 and 16 oz, order wholesale glass bottles, corks, crystals, and other components, alongside packaging and labeling materials for that perfect finish.

What should you look for in a producer of personalized glass bottles?

Glass bottles are manufactured throughout the world, with many distinctive and visually pleasing bottles produced in France, Italy, and certain Slavic countries in Eastern Europe. However, these can be pretty costly. Instead, you can acquire good-quality glass bottles personalized to your specifications from many other countries at a lower or more competitive price. When looking for customized bottle makers, take the following criteria in mind when researching a company:

A firm that manufactures vs a company that distributes. Their business expertise. Designs available. Their location. Shipping charges. Discounts or prices offered—return policy.

Turnaround time. Availability of samples. The number of minimums and maximums they can handle.

Blow-moulding or pressing techniques can be used to create personalized glass bottles. There is also an extensive range of glass grades and closures available. Personalized glass bottles can be painted, printed, hot-stamped, engraved, embossed, and labelled in various ways in addition to their shapes.

When you decide to give BPS Glass manufacturers your business, you should do so with complete confidence. You can skip all of this by going to BPS Glass. We will answer all of your questions, collaborate with you, deliver on schedule, and make sure you get a fair price. We’ve been around for a long time and have a proven track record.