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8 Keys to Glass Bottle Branding, Packaging and Label Design 

Maintain Simplicity

Maintain a basic and clean design, pictures, and fonts for the best user experience. If your product label design has excessive information, it will confuse your buyers. You don’t want customers squinting to see what is in the container; this is particularly true for consumers who ignore the nutrition data label entirely. You want to make it as simple as possible for them to obtain the information they need or else they’ll go on to another brand.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Colors are critical for capturing a consumer’s attention within the «half-second window of opportunity”. People are more inclined to stop in their tracks if they see a vibrant hue. However, color must be employed strategically to be effective for your product. Avoid the dreadful color clash. Concentrate on selecting complementary colors to support one another. This will assist your label in standing out far more positively. Maintain a consistent color scheme and if you’re conveying tastes, stick to their related hues. This enables your consumers to locate the flavor quickly, resulting in a more positive user experience. Consider adding a splash of color. When a trace of color is contrasted against a black or white backdrop, it immediately jumps out; this is particularly effective if your brand’s colors are already black and white.

Choose the Appropriate Font

If your font is overly generic, it seems as though you chose the first thing that came to mind with little to no work nor consideration. Additionally, avoid using an excessive number of fonts. It’s ideal to limit your label to a maximum of two, to make it consistent and simple to read. Maintain the font with which you have previously branded your business. This is more easily recognized by the public and consistent with your messaging.

Additionally, it is critical to maintaining a legible font size. If the font is too small, your clients will not read it. If you find yourself shrinking everything to fit on your label, this is an indication that you’ve included far too much content. Determine where you can compress, reduce or eliminate unnecessary material.

Select an Unusual Shape

When you select an unusual form for your bottle, it is more likely to attract the eye of someone passing by. Numerous product labels adhere to a set form (often a rectangle or a circle). Take into account the form of the packing or container. Always ensure the form suits the content you’re distributing. If the label doesn’t correctly fit the container, it will peel, break, or fall off.

Make Use of Superior Products

It makes no difference how incredible your design is if the quality is inadequate. The higher the quality of your materials, the more favorable an impression you will convey to your consumers. A glass bottle’s look is one thing, but consumers can immediately tell if it is not made of high-quality material when they pick it up. Your brand is a reflection of you and your business. You’ve worked hard to create what you have – so spend a little additional money on the finest materials available.

Adhere to Branding Consistency

One of the most critical tasks is to establish your brand’s identity. Consider the message your brand delivers and the concepts you want to communicate. When selling sleek, contemporary, stylish items, you want to avoid using fonts and designs which conjure up images of their grandparents’ kitchens. Research your target market and rivals, and choose something that appeals to the appropriate demographic. Always utilize your brand’s font and color palette; this assists consumers in recognizing your goods and encourages them to continue choosing them in the future.

Adhere to Branding Consistencyng BPS Glass

Include Contact Info

Customers who have a nice, pleasant experience with your product may like to visit your website or contact you to express their gratitude. This is an excellent approach to improve website traffic, generate phone calls to your facility or simply let clients express their happiness. Even when the criticism is not always favorable, you want to learn to improve.

If you’re selling your product at a conference, festival or other special event, you must have contact information on your label. When buyers take your product home and enjoy it, they want to know where to get more.

Create Packaging Consistent with Your Brand

Consistency with the kind of goods you’re offering is critical. When your brand and packaging are ideally aligned, you create an emotional connection with your clients, encouraging them to buy your goods again. For example, if you’re selling an organic line of organically derived beverages, you’ll want to utilize recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. Otherwise, you might miss your target market entirely.

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