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The Finest Wholesale Liquor Bottles for Rum & Brandy

We thrive on innovation, bringing together every step of the production process through stringent quality control, a steady supply chain relationship, handling packaging, financing and design.

The goal is to help you grow your business and perfect your product before it hits the shelf. Our team works closely with your company to fine-tune every aspect of design and packaging and produce the finest wholesale liquor bottles to hold your products.

Not only are we a liquor bottle design agency, but we are also expert supply chain managers and financial consultants, offering our services to clients who wish to build on what they have. We believe that every detail matters, which is why we are especially dedicated to designing and providing various components of your bottles, from glass and crystal to the corks and labels, and even casks for brandy, rum and other aging liquor.

Wine is a fermented alcoholic beverage that’s been produced for centuries, and is the second most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world after beer. Each vineyard adds a special touch that makes the taste, smell, and feel of the wine unique. At BPS Glass, we can perfectly match our personalized wine bottles with your brand.

Based on your segment market that you want to access, we have lightweight bottles, heavyweight bottles, and sparkling wine bottles. Additionally, color options, such as green, amber, antique green and flint, can help you customize your product to add a classy or contemporary feel.