Making Your Packaging Sustainable

Sustainability is a need of the hour. With most businesses not taking the environment into account with their manufacturing processes, using sustainable methods can make your company stand out.

Environmentally aware companies have begun working on reducing plastic waste when it comes to product packaging. Eco-friendly packing supplies and processes can go a long way in minimizing the waste and pollution in the oceans and landfills.

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging refers to using packing materials that have a minimal environmental impact and reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainable packaging doesn’t deplete the natural resources of the earth further. It’s also safe to use for individuals and doesn’t have any harmful health impacts.

Here are some ways your company can transition to sustainable packing materials:

Sustainable ink for labels

Around 11 ink cartridges are thrown away every second. Unsustainable ink used on the labels of packaging adds to the environmental crisis. The ink used on packaging is often not considered when switching to eco-friendly packaging. However, printer ink is made of chemicals that can harm the environment and your health. Label inks utilize butyl urea to prevent the paper from curling up. Cyclohexanone helps the ink adhere to the polymers and many other harmful chemicals.

Incorporate sustainable and green ink for your product’s labels and packaging. We use sustainable ink that provides a rich tone to your products and makes them more sustainable.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles for your products is a much better alternative to plastic. Single-use plastic isn’t biodegradable and can survive many decades on the earth, polluting the land and oceans. On the other hand, glass can be recycled over and over again without losing its integrity.

Glass packaging is the number one choice for keeping products fresh as well. It’s great for food and beverages. Typically jam, jelly, sauces, and alcoholic beverages come in glass packaging as it retains the freshness of the contents.

Plastic-free packaging

When working with glass packaging, businesses prefer having some protective packaging. This is most commonly seen in alcoholic drinks. The packaging and boxes protect the bottle and add to the luxe look of the product. These boxes can be made of plastic-free materials to be sustainable. Various forms of recycled cardboard, paper, and wood can be used to create luxury packaging.

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