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COVID-19: The Impact on Packaging Industry Trends and Practices

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed life as we know it. Navigating this new normal has been an uphill battle, but we’re slowly beginning to understand the implications of this pandemic on every aspect of life.

From business operations to raw materials, every facet of industrial production has undergone considerable change. The global packaging market is expected to grow from $909.2 billion last year to $1,1012 billion by 2021. This unprecedented growth is owing to the ever-increasing demand for certain products and the turn to e-commerce during the country-wide lockdowns.

It’s at times like this that we need to consider how the current trends will impact packaging practices. Let’s take a look at how industry trends and practices are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shift the focus to ensuring hygiene

With the pandemic, concerns about hygiene in packaging have been at an all-time high. Food and beverages are necessities; thus, it’s important to ensure that they’re packaged in a way that guarantees the highest degree of sanitation.

Packaging design will be affected by this focus on hygiene concerns. Businesses that use glass bottles or containers to package their products will have to pay extra attention to how they’re sealing them. One way to do this is through premium quality closures.

Lids & bands and screw caps for jars, as well as security caps and muselets for bottles, ensures the quality products within are safe and secure until they reach the consumers.

Move to resilient packaging

The need for high-quality packaging is more relevant now than ever before. While premium packaging is the priority of most businesses, getting back into business in the post-COVID market will require you to pay attention to the packaging materials.

By balancing the need for hygiene with sustainability, the packaging trends are moving toward durable, reliable, and high quality packaging materials.

Utilizing industrial-grade glass to manufacture premium packaging solutions for various industrial uses is the key to ensuring sustainability isn’t forgotten in today’s world. The impermeable, pure packaging material doesn’t allow any external elements to get into the food or beverage. It’s no wonder that glass packaging is making a major comeback in the world of packaging.

Cost-Cutting Ventures

With many businesses on the lookout for ways to reduce costs, the packaging industry will work to provide low-cost solutions that help businesses achieve their goals. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, premium quality materials, and unique design solutions will allow businesses to amp up production to meet growing consumer demand.

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