5 Key Benefits of Glass Packaging Solutions

Why is glass frequently used in packaging?

Glass is often selected as a packaging material owing to its recyclable, reusable and non-reactive qualities. It prolongs the shelf life of food and beverages and prevents contamination. Beer, for instance, is kept in the familiar dark glass bottles to prevent spoiling. Additionally, this type of packaging is employed in the chemical industry since glass is a non-reactive material. Glass packaging uses interactive design extensively to entice consumers.

Glass jars, lids, containers and bottles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to meet your specific needs. Glass is widely used in the packaging of not only food, beverages and chemicals, but also pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The worldwide glass packaging market is segmented by product type into glass ampoules, glass bottles, glass lids and stoppers. Food packaging, alcoholic beverage packaging, non-alcoholic beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and personal care packaging are among the applications classified in the market.

5 key benefits of glass packaging

  1. Durability

Glass packaging is more durable than plastic packaging. As long as the glass packaging is not broken, the glass’s lifespan is infinite. When dealing with glass packaging, carefully examine the interior packaging for shipment to avoid damage or breakage. Consider downsizing your inner packaging solution to protect the glass’s integrity. Your customized glass packaging could one day wind up as a vintage collector’s bottle.

  1. Sustainability and recyclability

Glass jars and bottles are fully recyclable (including both green and brown glass) and have the added benefit of being made from natural raw materials. This protection can result in a longer shelf life, which in turn results in less waste.  Additionally, glass is free of chemical additives present in other packaging materials which may leach into the environment or into the product.

  1. Heat-tolerant material

Additionally, glass packaging is very heat resistant, which aids in protection throughout the production and shipping processes, reducing breakage and waste. Glass containers are also helpful for consumers in the case of food packing since they keep food warm and are often microwaveable.

  1. Versatility

Glass jars and bottles provide tremendous versatility in terms of color, form and use in the packaging sector. They provide a rapid visual brand experience by themselves, providing a perception of quality which is more difficult to accomplish with other packaging materials.

  1. Classic appeal

Due to years of usage and manufacturing in packaging, glass packaging tends to exude an aura of elegance and antiquity. The material itself contributes to the overall aesthetic of the packaging design. It is very popular in the food and beverage business since the product’s flavor remains unaffected by the packaging, unlike other packaging materials. Glass’s history lends it an instantaneous and traditional appeal.

Steps for packaging glass products safely

  1. Invest in a high-quality void filler

Glass goods are often uneven in shape. Certain components may be more delicate than others. Consider a wine glass: the stem of the majority of contemporary glasses is highly fragile and readily breaks. Additionally, the top edges may chip. A proper void fill guarantees that the glass products remain secure inside the container (and are protected on all sides).

  1. Proper sealing is essential

Glass is a substantial material. When glass items are put in cardboard or corrugated boxes, there is always a chance they may fall through the box when lifted. Thus, it is critical to seal the box so that it provides enough support. 

  1. Use appropriate packaging boxes

Using the proper packaging boxes is critical for the goods’ security. The box should be large enough to include both the objects and the void fills. Additionally, it should be sturdy enough to support the weight and be properly labeled.

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