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December is here, and it indeed is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Today, although you can find a lot of Christmas decor at your local grocery store, it’s so much more fun to personalize Christmas decorations by indulging in DIY crafts!

From a wholesome front door wreath that welcomes guests to homemade gift-toppers for kids’ presents and DIY ornaments for the family Christmas tree, there are endless options—and all you need is some inspiration (and some hot glue gun).

Did you know that you can incorporate different shapes, colors, and sizes of wine bottles in your Christmas crafts? They’re the perfect eco-friendly Christmas décor solution! After all, glass bottles make up for 60% of the beverage industry’s carbon footprint.

It’s the perfect time to upcycle your old glass bottles. You may also purchase wholesale spirit bottles from a reliable product packaging company for extravagant crafts.

Here’s how wine bottles can come in handy this Christmas.

Bright Christmas Lanterns

Brighten up your home with some DIY lanterns. Making DIY lanterns is the simplest way to put empty containers to good use. All you need is a drilling machine and some Christmas lights.

Drill a hole at the bottle’s bottom and insert Christmas lights. Light up the bottle and place it at a noticeable spot in your house. These lanterns would look incredibly aesthetic on your patio. Use this trick to bring any area of your home to life this season.

Adorable Bird Feeders

If you enjoy landscaping and are looking to incorporate this hobby into your Christmas spirit, this craft is just for you! Create some adorable bird feeders with spare flint wine bottles lying around in your house.

Drill a hole into the bottle and attach a hanging wire to it. Place a tray for seeds at the bottle’s bottom and treat your birds by hanging the feeders in your backyard.

Numerical Sign Holders

Christmas time also signifies countdown to the New Year. If you’re as excited to step into 2021 as we are, use this craft to express your enthusiasm. Create numerical bottles to get your family into the New Years’ spirit. Clean the glass bottles thoroughly and spray them with metallic spray paint that goes with your home’s theme.

Use a glitter scrapbook paper to cut out numbers and use hot glue gun to place them on stem wire. Insert these numbers in the bottles and place them in your living room. The best part about this craft is that you can easily update its numbers every year

There are endless recyclable glass uses. Practice sustainable decor using these DIY wine bottle crafts this Christmas.

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