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Today, consumers over the age of 60 are embracing aging rather than fighting it.

How important is it to pay attention to the desires and needs of these customers? It is projected that by the year 2030, the percentage of the world’s population aged 60+ will rise to 16 percent from 13 percent in 2021.

According to the Census Bureau, forty-two million American women will be Boomers by the year 2030. Life expectancy around the world has increased from 68 years to 72 years since 2000. And more than 90% of the United States’ net worth (and 78% of its total financial assets) are held by the Baby Boomer generation.

So what’s the upshot of these trends? It is critical to pay attention to the wants and needs of customers over the age of 60. In the absence of your efforts, you could be missing out on a significant portion of the American population’s spending.

Today’s products must include features that support the natural aging process while maintaining a healthy appearance to appeal to this age-embracing demographic. Elderly consumers demand certain health-related benefits from personal care products.

The chosen beauty product must assist the user in achieving a healthy appearance. For example, each product’s moisturizing and hydrating properties need to be given even more attention. Older people often have skin sensitivities in their later years, so they’ve started looking for natural ingredients in products. In 2021, we saw a rise in the popularity of organic personal care products. Another example is skin color cosmetics, which must be long-lasting and provide even skin tone coverage. 

Give them reasonable objectives. Older consumers are aware that they are aging, and thus they are looking for products with realistic goals. There will be no more quick fixes or miracle repairs in the future.

Help for hair loss is a top priority. This group is still open to hair loss products, despite accepting aging and their desire to age naturally.

Reach your customers as soon as possible. Customers 60 and older tend to stick to their beauty routines, showing a high degree of product and brand loyalty. For this reason, it’s critical to get to these customers as soon as possible. If you build brand and product loyalty early in the process, your customers are more likely to remain loyal to you for the long haul.

packaging to the 60+ demographicBasics for packaging to the 60+ demographic

We are all aware that businesses produce and market a wide range of goods. Because of the wide range of choices and the increasing number of products aimed at this expanding market, it’s critical to remember these three packaging fundamentals:

Opening and using products should be simple. Keep all closures simple to use for those in their sixties and above.

Instructions must be clear and understandable. Clarity of the font size and style are critical when reaching this demographic.

Consider their financial range. Although the Baby Boomer generation may have some financial savvy, there are still a large number of consumers in this demographic who have a smaller budget to spend. It is essential to ensure that each product provides value to its users when reaching this demographic. An easy way to save money is to use an airless pump, allowing the user to dispense the last product drop.

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