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Every generation of consumers brings with it new challenges and opportunities for brands. Millennials have now overtaken baby boomers as the most populous generation in the United States.

The millennial population has grown to 92 million people, making this generation a $600 billion-a-year consumer base. It’s no surprise that millennials are a significant target market for many brands because of their enormous purchasing power.

Obsessed with Online

Millennials spend the vast majority of their day consuming media. These interactions occur on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, sometimes simultaneously sending snaps while browsing. The millennial generation’s attention span has reportedly shrunk to just 5 seconds from constantly scrolling through photos and video clips.

However, the millennial generation’s short attention span does not mean they are significantly less intelligent. Because of the constant stream of information, they’ve become highly selective in what they pay attention to. As a result, product packaging must catch the consumer’s attention immediately and provide relevant product information, while also outperforming the competition in terms of design.

5 Ways to Get the Attention of the Millennial Generation

1. Brand loyalty and emotional connections

Forbes magazine conducted a study and found that 60% of millennials are loyal to brands regularly. Many such people are looking for a personal connection with the businesses they invest in. But before making a long-term commitment, millennials take into account the following considerations:

  • What is the brand saying about me as a person?
  • Is the brand a good fit for my way of life?
  • Is the brand easy to find?
  • Is this a local business?
  • Is the company dynamic on social media?

Millennials are highly loyal to companies that have established an emotional connection with them.

2. Flexible packaging

Because they’re constantly on the go, millennials place a high value on the ability to live in the present moment. As a result of their active lifestyles, they need products that can quickly and practically accompany them wherever they are. Great-looking, flexible and well-designed packaging is a favorite of millennials. They place a high value on appearance and well-being and freedom of lifestyle, which allows them to pursue their passions.

3. Digital packaging

Additionally, the packaging of products must be appealing to these consumers. It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to incorporate QR codes into their social media strategies. Advertising companies integrate technology into their campaigns to reach today’s millennials as efficiently and engagingly as possible.

4. “Craft” products

“Craft” products are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek out things that are one-of-a-kind. Millennials are more interested in buying local, high-quality products labeled as “craft” than previous generations. This generation cares deeply about their local communities and prefers to spend their money at a small business rather than a large corporation.

Packaging and label design are the best ways to mimic the craft “look”. Even so, large corporations and businesses must prove to millennials that they, too, give back to their communities and positively affect the world.

5. Less advertising

Many millennials turn to Facebook Business pages because they spend so much time online making decisions. Conventional ads are no longer the primary source of information when it comes to purchasing products and brands. As millennials are less interested in advertising, product packaging has a more significant role to play. One of the reasons shrink sleeve labeling is gaining in popularity is its ability to communicate a product’s uses, benefits, and nutritional information all in one glance.

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