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Working with BPS Glass has been very good, they have always given us excellent service, with the best advice and recommendations. They are always attentive to the work, from the moment we start until we receive the product, thank you!

Vinícola Costarricense Vicosa.

They helped us to get a packaging with a unique presentation, which contributed to the image of the product. We always had a quick and timely response, which allowed a good development of the project.

PDC Wines and Spirits.

Excellent quality; what we enjoyed most about working with BPS Glass, was the interaction with professional people in their area.


We are satisfied with the final product. Working with BPS Glass has been rewarding, more than a supplier, we have an ally.


The cordiality demonstrated, makes us feel confident and calm in doing business with BPS Glass, again. The quality of the product, the attention of the team, and the delivery of the material was of high excellence.

Latin Shots.

Having a counterpart that not only handles the technical part, but also the logistics and design, adds value to the development process of any project. We are very satisfied, because even in the most stressful moments, the team showed mastery and confidence in decision making, solving our problems. The service was always 24/7.

Isidro Bordas.

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