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Did you know your product’s packaging is vital for consumer buying decisions? Well, this is the case for 72% of Americans.

Product packaging is so important that it influences people’s re-purchasing decisions too. Don’t believe it? That’s what as many as 60–80% of people claim.

When customer acquisition and retention—and, thus, your business’s profits—so heavily rely on the packaging, you want to make sure you get it right.

For businesses looking to make a lasting impression, the packaging offers a perfect opportunity. There’s a lot to consider from eye-catching designs and premium quality materials to brand storytelling and environmental impact.

So how do you decide which packaging company to trust? Here are 3 things to consider when choosing your packaging partner:

Do They Have Industry Experience?

The future of your business depends on your product’s packaging. Not only does the packaging embody your brand, but it’s also directly correlated to sales revenue and net profit.

With so much at stake, you don’t want to risk working with an inexperienced packaging company. Every client’s needs are unique and an experienced company that’s worked with countless businesses will be able to handle your specifications more confidently.

Experience with various industries is necessary for packaging companies to develop efficient processes, work with leading packaging technologies, and develop design strategies that yield results. Since investment is a major advertising investment, make sure you do it with the right partner.

What Materials Do They Use?

Quality packaging is a reflection of your business’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence. One of the first things to consider when choosing a packaging company is the type of materials they use and the process their products undergo to maintain the high standards. In fact, 67% of consumers claimed that the packaging material is a major influence on their decision to buy a product

Premium glass bottles, for instance, add a luxurious, high-quality feeling to any product. Available in various shapes and sizes, this material is the go-to for businesses in various industries.

Making sure your packaging provider works with safe, consistent, and recyclable materials is the foremost priority of most business owners—and for good reason!

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Do They Offer Turnkey Services?

Custom packaging is a defining feature for many businesses. As your business grows, working with a packaging company that evolves with you is essential. This is made possible if the packaging company offers a variety of in-house services to cater to your needs.

Complete packaging solutions include custom designs and rendering, labels and branding, tailor-made closures, and premium final products. The full-service solutions offer flexibility, efficiency, and unrivaled branding capabilities—thus, making this a feature to look out for.

Partner With Us

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